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Distribution cabinet industry development market competition is fierce


According to industry statistics and analysis, in the international economy is not very prosperous environment, the power distribution cabinet industry is also the same as China's economy, still achieved a steady progress, smooth operation of the situation. With the gradual expansion of the construction of power facilities, the demand for power distribution cabinets at home and abroad is generally in a state of expansion, and the market prospect is considerable. However, the domestic power distribution cabinet production capacity surplus, enterprises generally lack sufficient independent innovation ability, lack of high-end market competitiveness, development potential is still insufficient.

In China's power distribution cabinet, low-grade products are still in mass production, and the product volume is large, consuming a lot of precious metal silver and copper, ferrous metal, plastic and other materials. Many materials are subject to international market prices. Therefore, the price of the main raw materials of the power distribution cabinet will be difficult to change. In addition, with the shortage of funds, rising financial costs and the rapid increase in employee wages, the increase in personnel costs is also irreversible. It will have a greater impact on the distribution cabinet production profit space becomes smaller. Many enterprises are already in a state of small profits and losses. At the same time, it is difficult for enterprises to increase investment in scientific research, new product research and development and technological transformation. Therefore, it is hoped that industry enterprises will continue to reduce manufacturing costs through large-scale production of high value-added products. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry should learn from the experience of excellent enterprises, accelerate the improvement of enterprise scale efficiency and core competitiveness of products, expand the market share of third-generation products and develop new products with independent intellectual property rights, characteristics and standards, and carry out technological transformation from a high starting point, so that enterprises can get rid of the situation of being eliminated by the market due to lack of competitive products as soon as possible.

In the ongoing construction of smart grid in China, it is both a challenge and an opportunity to develop distribution cabinet products suitable for the terminal market. In the face of foreign-funded enterprises to increase investment in the field of power distribution cabinets, domestic private enterprises will still be at a disadvantage in market competition. In this regard, we hope that the industry enterprises should combine the actual development of the enterprise, practice their internal skills, adjust and optimize the product structure, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, change the growth mode, realize the transformation of the extensive production mode to the technology-driven and resource-saving mode, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise And the ability to resist risks. It is necessary to keep up with the technological trend of the international power distribution cabinet, actively aim at the cutting-edge technology in the development of new products, actively develop high-end products and new products with independent intellectual property rights, characteristics, level and market, so as to form competitiveness and improve the market share of high-end products of enterprises. Seize the opportunity of smart grid construction, improve the intelligent power distribution cabinet upgrade China's power grid construction intelligent has become a foregone conclusion, distribution cabinet products to continue to maintain the existing share of the domestic market, then, to strengthen the research and development of new technologies is urgent, the need for intelligent upgrade. From the perspective of the macro environment, my country's smart grid and new energy are developing rapidly, low-carbon economy has gradually become a new economic growth model, and the traditional power distribution cabinet industry is transforming and upgrading to the smart electrical industry. From the perspective of industrial environment, the power industry is developing rapidly. It is estimated that by 2020, the investment in power generation will be 2 trillion yuan, the construction of power grid will be 3-3.6 trillion yuan, and the market demand for electrical equipment in smart grid will exceed 1 trillion yuan. It is estimated that the total installed capacity of generators will reach 1.78 billion kilowatts by 2020, of which the installed capacity of solar power generation will reach 20 million kilowatts and that of wind power generation will reach 0.15 billion kilowatts, providing more market space for the distribution cabinet industry. Therefore, as the smart grid enters an important period of construction, the rapid progress of urbanization, the intelligent construction of urban and rural distribution networks, the smart grid and smart complete sets of equipment, smart power distribution, and control systems have entered a golden period of new opportunities, especially The new generation of energy-saving, material-saving, and high-performance power distribution cabinet products will get greater development, and the market demand is becoming increasingly strong, which provides necessary market conditions for intelligent upgrades and deserves the attention from industry enterprises.

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