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Construction Technology of Bridge Installation


Bridge installation construction technology refers to the process of installing the bridge above the bridge. The specific process includes the following steps:

1. Determine the installation position: According to the design requirements and site conditions, determine the installation position and support point of the bridge.

2. Install the support structure: According to the design requirements, install the support structure on both sides of the bridge or above the crossing bridge to ensure the stability and safety of the bridge frame.

3. Installation of bridge: the prefabricated bridge parts are installed in combination according to the design requirements, and connected by bolts or welding to ensure the stability of the bridge.

4. Adjust and fix: After installing the bridge, adjust the bridge to align it with the bridge, and use a fixing device to fix it to ensure the stability and safety of the bridge.

5. Acceptance: After the construction is completed, the bridge shall be accepted to check its installation quality and compliance to ensure that the bridge can be used normally.

The key to the construction process of bridge installation is accurate measurement and reasonable installation to ensure the stability and safety of the bridge. The construction personnel shall have relevant technology and experience, and operate in strict accordance with the construction scheme and safety specifications to ensure the safety and reliability of the construction process.

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