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Cable tray: classification, use, selection... clear!


Cable tray is a device used to carry and fix the cable. According to different classification standards, cable tray can be divided into different types, including ordinary cable tray, trough cable tray, tray type cable tray, etc. Different types of cable trays are suitable for different scenarios and uses.

Cable tray is mainly used in power systems, telecommunications systems, computer networks and other areas of cable laying, organization and protection. It can neatly place the cables on the tray, prevent the cables from intertwining and confusion, and improve the safety and reliability of the cables. At the same time, the cable tray can also be easily maintained and replaced, reducing maintenance costs and time.

In the selection of cable tray, need to consider a number of factors, including the type and quantity of cable, the characteristics of the laying environment, load requirements. When selecting the type, it is necessary to determine the material, specifications and installation methods of the cable tray according to the actual situation to ensure that it can meet the needs of the system.

To sum up, understanding the classification, use and selection of cable tray has important guiding significance for cable laying and organization, and can improve the safety and reliability of cable system.

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